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Light the Fuse - Chapter 4

 Chapter 4

-Tess’s POV-

            I was nervous at the prospect of staying with Tom so soon after getting back together.  I wanted to take things slow, but I doubted my willpower.  He was just so…sexy.  I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him as he drove me back to the motel to get my things.

            “What?” Tom asked.


            “Do I have something on my face?” he asked, rubbing his cheek.

            “No.  Why?”

            “You’re staring, love.”  He smirked at me. 

            “Am not,” I replied, turning my face so I was looking out at the ocean instead.  I felt Tom’s hand grasp mine and I turned back to look.  His hand was so big compared to mine.  He was so big.  I couldn’t help the ache that was starting to grow in my belly, melting my insides. 

            “Is this it?” he asked, pulling into the Roadway Inn I was staying at.  I nodded.  “Yeah, I’m very glad you’re coming to stay with me.”

            “It’s not that bad,” I said in defense.  “The beds were actually quite soft.”

            “My bed is better,” he said with a cocky grin.

            “And who says I’m staying in your bed, Tom?” I asked.

            “Aren’t you?” he asked, completely taken aback.

            “I dunno,” I shrugged.  I honestly didn’t know.  Should I?  Would I be able to control myself?  Would he?  I had felt his…passion….for me earlier when I rubbed up against him.  He had been sweet, saying that we didn’t have to do anything until I was ready. But is that really what he wanted?  Is it what I wanted?  Yes…it had to be.  Although I was aching and empty, it had to be this way.  I wanted us to be stronger this time.

            “Oh,” he said with a little nod.  “Okay.  Well, whatever you want, sweetheart.  I do have another guest room, if that’s where you’d like to stay.  But,” he said, hopping out of the car.  “You’re not staying here another night.”  He opened my door and gave me his hand, helping me out.

            “When did you turn into such a gentleman?” I asked.  He smirked.

            “I’ve always been a gentleman,” he said, puffing out his chest.  “I’m English.”

            “Okay, baby.  You keep telling yourself that.”  I patted his chest and started walking.  He followed.  “Tom…” I stopped.  “Maybe you should stay in the car?  Tom Hiddleston walking into a Roadway Inn in Malibu may cause a ruckus.”

“A ruckus?” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh, shush.  You know what I mean.  This won’t take long.”

            “I want to take care of the bill,” he said plainly.

            “Uh-uh,” I said, shaking my head.

            “Uh-huh,” he replied, nodding.

            “No, Tom.  I’m paying.”

            “But you came to see me.  The least I can do is pay, especially since you’re not even staying here the last two nights.”

            “Tom.  No…you’re not going to pay for everything I do.  Okay?  I can take care of it myself.”

            “I was only trying to-,” he stopped when he saw my face.  He was smart, because I wasn’t going to back down.  “Fine.  Go pay, you impossible woman.”  I was pretty sure that last part was a joke, but I could tell he was a little miffed.  I didn’t care; I wasn’t going to be a moocher. 

            “Thank you.”  I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went to go collect my things and check out.  I had to pay for the last few nights, but it wasn’t much so I didn’t mind.  To be honest, I was glad to be out of there.  I was pretty sure I saw a cockroach in the hallway that morning.

            When I was coming back out, I was blinded by flashing cameras.  A small swarm of paparazzos invaded my personal space, barking at me.  There couldn’t have been more than five or six of them, but it sounded like a thousand.  “TESS!  TESS!!  Are the rumors true?  Are you and Tom back together?!  Are you going to move in?!  How do you feel about the pregnancy scare?  How are you coping with the loss of your mother?  What was your dad doing in prison?”  All of these questions bombarded me.  I was frozen in the flashes and so scared that I didn’t even feel Tom come up behind me.

            “Ignore them,” he whispered in my ear, taking my bags in one hand and putting his arm around my waist, pulling me close.  He must have felt me shaking, because he rubbed his hand down my side and whispered, “It’s okay, baby.  It’s okay.  I’ll get us out of here.” 

            They followed us to the car, continuing to bark questions at us as Tom put my bags in the back and opened my door, letting me in.  “Tom!  Tom!  Are you glad to have her back?  What was she doing staying here?  Are you ashamed of her, Tom?”

            “No,” he barked.  His tone made me jump – he was so mad.  “Get out of the way,” he growled, turning the car on.  “Now.”  They weren’t moving and they kept flashing.  I grabbed onto his hand as he revved up the engine.  He glanced over at me and then took his foot off the break.  The photogs jumped back and started yelling at him, but he completely ignored them, peeling out of the driveway.

            I was still shaking as he got on the highway.  He was shaking too – with anger.  “I’m so sorry, Tess.  They were hiding from me.  A guest at the motel must have tipped them off that you were there.”

            “Why would they hide from you?” I managed to say.

            “Because they knew I wouldn’t let them get to you.  I would have punched them all and stolen their cameras if I had known they were there to hound you, Tess.  I’m so, so sorry.”

            “It’s okay,” I said, squeezing his hand.

            “No, it bloody isn’t!”  He pulled his hand from mine and banged it on the steering wheel.  “The things they said to you…it took every ounce of strength in me not to go off on them.”

            “I’m glad you didn’t, Tom.”  I rubbed his arm and he seemed to calm down slightly.  “That would have made it so much worse.  Ignoring them seems to be the only option.”  Suddenly, Tom was smiling.  “What?”


            “Me?” I asked.

            “Yes,” he said, reaching for my hand and lacing his fingers with mine.  “You’re already a pro at this.  You were amazing back there, you know?”

            “I don’t know if I’m a pro….I kinda just…froze.  And I’m shaking like a leaf.”

            “You were great, Tess.  You did everything right.”  He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it.

            “I guess it’s a good thing I’m staying with you now, since they found me there.”

            “It’s a very good thing.”


-Tom’s POV-

            I was still buzzing with anger when we pulled up to the house, but Tess’s soothing presence had calmed me considerably.  I had never been so angry at the paparazzi.  Not only were they hounding a non-celebrity, but they were asking her the most outrageous questions about her mother and her father and Kristen.  I was so proud of her for holding it together.  She amazed me.  But then again, I knew she was strong, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

            “Home, sweet home,” I said, helping her out of the car and getting her bags.

            “Are you sure Emma won’t mind?” she asked.

            “I’m renting the home, not Emma.  And no, she won’t mind.  There’s plenty of room, and she likes you.  Remember, she asked you to stay.”

            “I was worried she would hate me, because of what I did…”

            “I would never say anything to her to make her hate you, Tess.”  I squeezed her hand.  “It’s impossible to hate you.”

            “You used to,” she said with a smirk.

            “No, I hated how ridiculously attracted I was to my annoying neighbor.”  I winked and she bumped her hip against mine, sticking her tongue out at me.  “Come here.”  I pulled her close to my side and kissed her temple.  She put her hand on my chest and I had to hold myself back from dropping her bags and sweeping her up into my arms for a kiss.  “Tell me you love me.”

            “You love me,” she said.  I growled against her neck and she giggled.  “I love you, you crazy man.”

            “I love you.”  I kissed her neck, nuzzling against it.

            “Tom,” she laughed.  “Open the door.”

            “Right,” I said, pulling away and dropping her bags so I could stick the key in the lock.  “Would you like the bags in the guest room or in my room?”  She looked at me for what felt like an eternity.

            “Yours,” she finally said, and I felt my heart pound a little faster.  We hadn’t spent the night in the same bed in almost three weeks.  It had been the night before prom, the night before my world exploded with the ‘Kristen bomb’.  “That’s what you want, right?”

            “It doesn’t matter what I want, Tess.  I just want you to be comfortable.  And if you’d be more comfortable across the hall-,”

            “I wouldn’t,” she interjected.

            “Well, okay then,” I said, beaming down at her.  “There’s plenty of room for you with me.  I’ve barely used half the drawers in my dresser.”

            “Because you have like…10 articles of clothing.”

            “Yes, but they’re good articles.  Durable and practical.”

            “Sure, baby,” she said, patting me on my chest before walking down the hall.  I wondered if she knew what she did to me when she did that…she must have known.  “Are you coming, Tom?”

            “Oh.  Yes.”  I grabbed her bags and followed her into our room.  Our room – I loved the sound of that.  I placed her bags on the chair by the bed.

            “I suppose I had better unpack,” she said, walking over to them.  I caught her arm as she walked past me.  “Tom?” she asked, looking up at me.  I didn’t say a word.  I just pulled her into my arms and wrapped my arms around her, holding her to me.  She stiffened at first, but relaxed almost immediately, wrapping her arms around me.  “Tom.”

            “I just….I just need this.  Just for a minute.  And then you can unpack.  I promise.” 

            “I need this, too,” she said softly, rubbing my back.  I caressed her, reaching one hand up into her hair.  I leaned down and kissed the top of her head and her grip tightened.  “Your heart is beating so fast.”

            “Is it?” I asked.  Tess pulled back slightly, looking up into my eyes.  “I guess I’m a little nervous,” I chuckled, stroking her hair.

            “Nervous?” she asked, cocking her head to the side curiously.  “Why?”

            “Because I really, really don’t want to muck this up like I did the last time.”

            “Tom, it wasn’t you that messed it up.”

            “Oh, yes.  Yes, it was.  I was a prat.”

            “No.  I pushed you away because I was scared.  I did it.  Not you.”

            “If I hadn’t have been so foolish…if I had come to you while you were alone….” I pulled away.

            “Tom.”  She grabbed my waist and looked up at me.  “We could have never been together before.  With my secret, it was impossible.  But now…” she looked down and her voice cracked.  I reached out for her, caressing her shoulders.  Slowly, she looked back up into my eyes.  “Now that’s all over.  And I’m…free.  And all I want to do is be with you.  Even before, when mom and I were about to run away, I couldn’t go because I knew I had to be with you.  I had to,” she whimpered. 

Without a second thought, I pulled her into me, kissing her deeply.  She made that sound again and melted into me, wrapping her arms around me.  I caressed her jaw and she opened up to me, deepening the kiss and sliding her tongue into my mouth.  It was so soft and warm and she tasted so fantastic.  She moved a hand back around to my front, moving it slowly up my chest and neck and into my hair, grabbing it.  I couldn’t help the growl that escaped my lips.  She nibbled at my lip before breaking the kiss.  “I’m so sick of crying,” she said softly, pressing her forehead to mine.  “I just want…” she hesitated, pulling at the collar of my shirt.

“What?” I whispered, searching her face.

“You,” she finished.  “I want you.”  She grabbed me, kissing me so passionately that when I closed my eyes, I swear I saw fireworks – that’s the only way to describe what it felt like.  “Tell me you want me,” she said, pawing at my neck.  She bit my lip.

            “Tess, I….” I hesitated.  Yes, I wanted her.  Of course I wanted her.  She was…it.  But I had told myself we wouldn’t jump back into bed, and I had to stand my ground.  If she had sex with me just to keep herself from feeling sad, then how would she feel in the morning?  How would I feel?  I know we loved each other, but sex couldn’t cure heartache. 

            “Do you want me?” she cooed, kissing down my neck as she started unbuttoning my shirt.

            “You know I do, darling,” I replied, grabbing her hand and stilling her.  She looked up at me, completely befuddled.  “But we can’t…”

            “I know. I know I said that, but you’re so…” she moved up against me and my eyes closed of their own accord.  She kissed my jaw and I swallowed hard, trying to quell my desire for her.  “So sexy.  And you were so amazing today.”  She kissed the other side of my jaw.  “And I love you.”

            “Sweetheart,” I sighed, pulling her hand away from my shirt.  “I love you, too.  And…” I looked down at her beautiful face and cursed myself inwardly.  I was an idiot, but I had to do this.  “You’re very, very sexy, baby…but I want to do it right this time.” 

            “What do you mean?”

            “I mean,” I sighed, shaking my head.  “I mean I want to court you.”

            “Court me?” she asked, looking confused.

            “Yes, you know…date you.  Take you out.”

            “I know what it means,” she said, her face softening into a sweet smile.  “I just wasn’t aware that we time traveled back to the 50s.  Are you going to pin me in the back of the school bus?”  She twisted her body back and forth, looking up at me through her lashes.  Fuck, she was tantalizing.  Beyond tantalizing.  I needed to pull myself together.

            “Oh, shush,” I laughed, tackling her in a hug.  Tess threw her head back and laughed.  “Very funny, but I’m being serious, Tess.”  When her laughing stopped, she looked up at me, her smile still playing on her lips.  “Can I court you?”


-Tess’s POV-

            I had never been courted.  I wasn’t even sure how to be courted.  Both times I’d been involved with men, it had to be kept a secret.  But this meant going out and holding hands and maybe going to events with him and definitely being hounded by the paparazzi and I was seriously starting to freak out. 

            But then Tom put his hands on my hips, stepped in closer to me and looked down into my eyes.  I knew my answer.  “Yes,” I said with a nod.

            “Good,” he replied, leaning down to give me a soft kiss.


            “Although?” he asked, caressing my sides.  I looked up at him and had to bite my lip to keep from audibly swooning.  He looked so sexy with his hair all disheveled from me pawing it and his shirt slightly unbuttoned and his lips swollen from my kiss.  “Tess?”

            “I…I don’t really know how to be courted.”

            “Leave that to me,” he said, smiling down at me.  “It’s relatively painless, I assure you.”

            “Relatively?” I asked, my eyes getting wide.  Tom chuckled and leaned in closer.

“Joking, sweetheart,” he said, kissing my cheek.  He lingered there and I breathed in him. He smelled so fucking fantastic. 

My body was being cruel and defiant to what my brain and heart wanted.  The ache between my legs was starting to get uncomfortable now.  Not only did he look gorgeous, but I hadn’t had an orgasm in almost three weeks.  Going from a few weeks of daily, multiple, mind-blowing orgasms to nothing can seriously have an effect on the body and the mind.  And now that I knew I might not get one for a while, I wanted one even more.  His strength was my weakness, and I was aching for him.  “What are you thinking, Tess?”

“I…I was just…thinking about how much I’ve missed you.”  It wasn’t completely a lie – I had been thinking about how much my body missed his.  Inside of me.  Fuck, I was a wreck.

“I’ve missed you, too.”  His smile was so warm…so calm.  How was he so calm?  I was going crazy!  He kissed me again, short and sweet.  “I’m taking you out tomorrow.”

“Where are we going to go?”

“Well, Emma is going to be with Helena all day, so I was thinking we could sleep in…” he wrapped his arms around me, snuggling against me.  “Maybe go out to the beach.  I could teach you to surf.”

Surf?!” I asked, wide-eyed.  Tom chuckled and nodded.

“It’s fun.  And, as you know…I’m a pretty good teacher.”  The way he said that did not make my…situation…any easier.  He was referencing teaching me about sex.  And, damn it, he was a great teacher. “Let me teach you.”

“Okay,” I said, nodding.

“And then after an afternoon nap, I’ll take you out to dinner and a movie.”

“Dinner and a movie?”

“Mmm hmm,” he replied, moving his hand around my waist.

“Our first real date?”  He nodded.  “My first real date…ever.”

“Now, that’s a shame…” he kissed my cheek.  “But I’m glad I’m your first,” he whispered in my ear.  That was just mean, teasing me like that.  I pushed at his chest and glared at him.  “What?”

“Don’t tease, Tom.”  I walked over to my bags and opened them up.  Tom came up behind me, putting his hands on my waist and rubbing his thumbs over the thin cotton of my shirt. 

“I’m sorry.”

“You can’t say you want to court me and then tease me like that.  It’s mean.”

“You’re right,” he said.  I stopped and turned to face him.  “I’m sorry.  That wasn’t good of me.”

“No,” I said, crossing my arms.  “It wasn’t.  Maybe I should stay in the guest room.  People who are courting don’t usually share beds and night.”

“Yes, but…I…I want you….to…” his voice trailed off.

“Want me to….?” I stared up at him and he looked down at me like a lost puppy.  I groaned.  Damn him and his adorable face, I thought. 

            “I just…I sleep better…with you,” he said, stumbling over his words and shuffling his feet. 



            “Yes…I’ll sleep in your bed.  But you have to understand that I haven’t had a-,” I stopped myself.  I didn’t want to admit that to him.  Not now.

            “Had a what?” he asked.

            “It’s nothing,” I said, turning back to my bags.  “Just…no more teasing.”

            “Okay,” he replied.  “Tess, it’s late.  Why don’t you get started with that tomorrow and just grab some pajamas and we can get into bed?”

            “I do have quite a bit to unpack.”

            “Three bags worth,” Tom nodded.  “Women,” he said teasingly, shaking his head. 

            “This is all of my clothes.  I had packed them when mom and I were going to leave.  And then…”  Fuck, more tears were coming.  Nope.  Nope.  I was not going to cry.

            “It’s okay, Tess,” Tom whispered, kissing the back of my head.  “I’m glad you have all of your things.  I want you to stay with me.”  He hugged me.

            “For how long?” I asked.  We hadn’t discussed that part yet.

            “Forever,” he said softly into my hair.

            “Forever?” I repeated.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hearing things.

            “Or as long as you want.  Whatever you want, Tess.  If you want to go back to Pentown for school-,”

            “I don’t think I could teach there again,” I whispered.  Yes, the town had been great to me after my mother’s death, but there was so much history there.  I would see my mother everywhere.  And I would see Kristen.  The only thing that made me want to go back was Amy and Adam, but even my friendship with them wasn’t strong enough to get me to go back permanently.   

            “Okay, then…come to London with me.”  I froze.  “Tess…I can’t lose you again.”  The pain in his voice almost brought back the tears again.

            “I don’t want to lose you, either, Tom, but….can we wait to decide where I’ll go?  Can we just…have the summer?”

            “If that’s what you want,” he whispered, leaning over to kiss my cheek.

            “You won’t lose me again.”  I turned back to face him.  “I promise you.”  I kissed him and when I pulled back, he was smiling at me.  “Let’s get ready for bed.”

            I pulled out some boxer shorts from Victoria’s Secret and a tank top and my toiletry bag and headed into the bedroom.  After washing my face, I brushed my hair out.  It was a wild mess of red waves when I was finished, but it didn’t look bad.  I looked closer into the mirror.  My lips and eyes were both puffy.  I decided the good of one puff outweighed the bad of the other.  I got into my pajamas and came out to find Tom’s bare ass in front of me.  I’ll admit it, I stared for a moment.  His ass was just so…yummy.  It was pert and muscular.  Hell, his whole backside was sexy.  His back muscles flexed as he reached into his drawer for his boxers.  My fingers began to tingle, remembering what those muscles felt like when I grabbed at him during sex.  This was not good.  I had to stop.  I cleared my throat and he looked behind him.

            “Shit,” he exclaimed, turning around and holding his boxers over his crotch.  “Sorry, I thought you would take longer…”

            “It’s…” I bit my lip, willing my eyes to look up at his and not down to that delicious V in his hips that lead to the place a big part of me desperately wanted to go.  “It’s fine.  I’ll go grab some water.  You finish getting ready.”

            “Okay,” he said, nodding.  I left quickly, because if I hadn’t, I probably would have tackled him to the bed and made him fuck me. 

            When I got into the kitchen, Emma was there eating some cereal.  “Oh, hey,” she said, waving her spoon.

            “Hi,” I said, suddenly aware that I wasn’t wearing a bra and not a whole lot of clothing.

            “I know, it’s almost 11 pm and I’m eating cereal.  I’m so discombobulated with this time change,” she said, shrugging.

            “I eat cereal at night all the time.”

            “I like you,” she said, pointing her spoon at me.  “I’m glad you’re staying.”  Phew.

            “Thanks,” I said with a smile.  “I’m glad I’m staying, too.  And I also like you.”

            “Good.  So, you’re going to come to Chris Evans’ big 4th bash on Friday?”


            “Tom hasn’t mentioned it yet, I take it?  I guess you guys haven’t done a lot of talking.”  She wiggled her eyebrows.

            “We’ve talked,” I said, trying to hide my smile.  She was funny, but this was a little weird.

            “Sorry,” she said.  “My filter doesn’t work sometimes,” she giggled. 

            “I’ve had that problem a time or two,” I shrugged.

            “Tess, are you coming to…” Tom started, poking his head around the corner.  “Oh, hi, Emma.”

            “Hello, brother,” she said, waving her spoon at him as he walked in the room.  He was only wearing boxers, and they were hanging off his hips perfectly.  I had to stop myself from looking anywhere but there.  “Tess and I were just chatting about Chris’s party on Friday.  Apparently, she hasn’t been invited?”

            “Oh, well…I was going to get to that,” he mumbled.

            “It’s fine,” I said, waving it off.  I faked a yawn.

“So…you’ll be my date?”

“Oooooo,” Emma teased.

“Shut it,” Tom barked at her, but then he smiled at her before looking at me.  “Will you?”

“Chris Evans’….4th of July…party…” I said, pretending like it was a hard decision.  Although, honestly, I was a bit nervous.  I’d only ever been around the few celebrities that were in my town.  But I was sure Chris’s party would be pretty A-list.  “I suppose I could check my schedule.”

“Please do,” Tom said with a smile, grabbing my hand.  I felt a charge when he touched me.  This courting thing was already almost unbearable.

 “I’m so tired.”

            “Let’s get you to bed, then,” Tom said, pulling me out of the kitchen.  “Goodnight, Emma.”

            “Night, lovebirds,” she called.  I was mortified.

            Tom shut the door and walked over to me.  “Could you at least put a shirt on or something?” I blurted out, motioning to his chest.  “That’s not fair.”

            “What?” he laughed.

            “Thattttt,” I said, poking at his stomach.

            “Well, neither is that,” he said, pointing to my chest.  “I’ll put a shirt on if you put a bra on,” he said with a smirk.  “I can practically see your nipples, darling.”  He bit his lip and stared at my chest.  I slapped his arm playfully.

            “You know I can’t sleep with a bra on, Tom.”

            “And you know I usually sleep naked.  But I’m making a concession for the sake of our relationship.  So….what’ll it be?”  I stood and stared at him.  “You already saw me naked tonight, love.  You controlled yourself.  So…this shouldn’t be that much of a problem.”  He motioned to his physique and he flexed his muscles. 

            “You are such a jerk,” I growled, pushing at him playfully.

            “Come here,” he growled back, pulling me into his arms and nibbling at my neck playfully.  He tickled my sides and I squirmed.

            “Stop it, Tom,” I giggled.

            “I love your giggle,” he said, tickling me some more.

            “I will scream if you don’t stop!” I squirmed and he let go. 

            “Let’s get to bed, hmm?  Since you’re so tired.”

            “I am tired,” I said defensively, ripping the comforter down and getting in.  Tom just stared at me.  “What?”

            “Nothing,” he said with a shrug before getting in.

            “No, what is it?” I asked.

            “I was just admiring my girlfriend, okay?” he said, lying down.  Girlfriend…I loved hearing him call me that again.  I put my head on the pillow and fanned my hair out.  When I looked over at Tom, he was on his side gazing over at me.

            “What now?” I sighed.

            “You’re just really, really stunning,” he said softly.

            “Stop,” I said, pushing at his chest.

            “What?  I’m complimenting you!  That’s what boyfriends do!”

            “Yes, and you’re also half naked and ridiculously sexy and you have that voice and just shhh,” I said, putting my hand over his face and pushing gently.  Tom grabbed my hand and pulled me onto him.  “Tom!”

            “One kiss,” he cooed, brushing my hair out of my face.  “Just one.”

            “You know it won’t be just one,” I said, glaring at him. 

             “I know…and I know I said I don’t want us to have sex yet, but I never said anything about making out.”  He raised that one ridiculous eyebrow and I was putty in his hands.

            “Finnneeee,” I whined, lowering my lips to his.

            “Well, if it’s going to be a hassle, Tess,” he chuckled, but I shut him up with my lips while I moved my hand into his hair.  He growled deep in his throat and I swear the sound went right to my panties.  I squeezed my legs together, trying to soothe the ache, but it was just making it worse.  I could feel how soaked my panties were, and this was not helping.  But I wanted this.  I wanted to kiss him.  And he really wanted to kiss me. 

            “Mmmm,” I moaned, feeling his hands move over my back as his lips got reacquainted with mine.  He didn’t go any further than my lower back, which I suppose was smart.  And he didn’t grab at my breasts, either.  We were both very careful about hand placement, keeping to the arms and back and neck and hair.  His kisses were sweet, but there was an edge of desire behind them and it really made me crazy. 

            “Mmmm, Tess.  You,” he kissed my chin, “you taste sooo,” he kissed my jaw in little pecks, “so good.”

            “Tom,” I whimpered, grabbing at his arm and pulling him so we were both on our sides.  He snaked his hand around my waist, pulling me closer.  I tugged on his neck, deepening the kiss and he moaned into my mouth, grasping at my tank top and twisting it in his hand.  I hitched my leg up over his hip and he grabbed my bare thigh, squeezing it.  “Tom,” I panted, wiggling against him.  I could feel his hard cock against my stomach.

            “Oh, God,” he groaned, squeezing my thigh and moving his hand up under my boxer shorts just a little.

            “Yes,” I hissed, nipping at his jaw and grinding my body against him.

Fuck, Tess,” he growled.

            “Yes, yes…fuck Tess,” I whimpered.

            “Baby, no,” he sighed, grabbing my leg and pulling it off of him.  “I don’t want to fuck you.”

            “Oh,” I murmured, completely deflated.

            “No, no, Tess,” he said, pulling me into his arms.  “I don’t want to fuck…I want to make love to you.  But…not yet.”

            “Tom, I haven’t had an orgasm in nearly three weeks,” I blurted out.

            “Neither have I,” he replied.  I looked up at him.  He was serious.


            “Not since the night before prom…the last night you and I…”

            “You really haven’t had an orgasm since then?”

            “And why is that so hard to believe?  You just said you haven’t had one.” 

            “Yes, but…I’m a woman.”

            “And what does that have to do with it?” he asked, pulling back.  There was a smile in his voice, but I could tell he wasn’t completely amused. 

            “I…I dunno.  I thought guys just…ya know…”

            “Not every guy has to wank off every day, Tess,” he said.

            “Oh.  Well, how was I supposed to know that?  I blame the media!”  Tom threw his head back and laughed before pulling me into a hug.

            “They’re usually to blame,” he whispered, kissing my cheek before laying down on his back beside me.  “But, honestly, darling…I haven’t really felt up to it, if you’ll pardon the pun, since you and I broke up.”

            “So,” I said, moving onto my side.  “You haven’t touched yourself?”

            “Well, once…but I wasn’t in the right mindset, and I couldn’t…well…,” he motioned down.  “Like I said, I wasn’t up for it.”

            “Oh.  Oh,” I said, finally getting it. 

            “Yeah,” he said. 

            “Well, you seem up to it now.”

            “Well, yes…but, that can’t really be helped when my gorgeous girlfriend is kissing me and rubbing up against me.”

            “And you were up to it earlier, on the beach.”

            “You were kissing me on the beach,” he noted.

            “So, all I have to do is kiss you and you’ll be…up for it?”

            “Sweetheart, sometimes all you have to do is look at me and I’ll be up for it.”  I looked up at him.  “I’m really attracted to you.  You know that.  I’m like a bloody teenage boy when I get around you.  I can’t control myself.”

            “You’re doing better than me,” I sighed, moving onto my back.

            “I’m sorry, darling.  But…don’t you think I’m right?  We should take it slow…right?”

            “Yes,” I said with a nod, looking over at him.  He was so fucking pretty.  I hated him.  “We should go to sleep, maybe…before I jump you again.”  And get rejected again. 

            “Maybe that would be best,” he said, reaching over me to turn off the light.  I closed my eyes.  If I looked up, I’d see his chest in my face and I’d probably lose control.  I heard him click off the light and I felt him move, but I knew he was still above me.  And then I felt his soft, warm, swollen lips touch mine.  It was a chaste kiss, but it still made me melt.  “I love you, Tess.”

            “I love you,” I whispered, feeling him move to my side.  I turned onto my side and he pulled me into him.

            “Is this okay?” he asked, burying his face in my neck.  “If it’s not, I can move away.”  Although I craved him sexually, feeling him hold me like this – tenderly and lovingly- made my heart feel all light and fluttery. 

            “No.  Stay.”  I hugged his hands to me and he sighed.

            “Alright.  Goodnight, sweetheart.”

            “Goodnight, Tom.”


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