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Light the Fuse - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

-Tom’s POV-

            “No.  No,” Tess whimpered, wiggling against me.  “Please, please don’t.  Please.”

            “Tess?” I whispered, bringing my hand to her face and brushing her hair back.   I leaned over and saw that her eyes were shut tight.  The look on her face broke my heart.  “Baby, wake up.”

            “Not my mom.  Not my mommy,” she sobbed.  I reached across Tess and turned on the light by the bed.

            “Tess,” I said a little louder, grabbing her shoulder and pulling her on her back.  Her eyes sprang open and a tear fell down her cheek.

            “Tom?” she gasped, looking at me in shock.  She reached out and touched my face.  “You’re real.  You’re here?”

            “I’m here, sweetheart.”  I choked on my words, trying to hold back my emotions – trying to be strong for her.  She grabbed my arm and pulled me down into a hug, squeezing me to her.  I held onto her, turning us on our sides so I wouldn’t squish her.

            “I was back there.  I keep…” she squeezed me tighter, grasping at my back, “…I keep going back there.”

            “I’m so sorry, Tess.”  I kissed her cheek, my fingers moving into her hair.  She looked beautiful when she was sad.  That might be weird to say, but it was true.  Her eyes always gave away her emotions, and when she was sad it was as if they were frowning.  And when they glistened with her tears, all I wanted to do was kiss them away.  “I’m so sorry, baby.”

            “I honestly felt like…like I wasn’t ever going to see you again.  It was so real, Tom.  I felt…lost.”

            “I found you,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around her.  “It’s alright, Tess.”  I rubbed her back in soothing circles.

            “You’re so warm,” she sighed, pressing her cheek to my chest.  “And your heartbeat is so strong.  I love listening to your heart.”

            “Well, it belongs to you, so I’m glad you enjoy it.”  She looked up at me with a sweet smile.  “What?”

            “It’s just…I never thought you were capable of this much….”

            “This much what, Tess?” I asked.

            “Romance, I guess.  And love.”

            “Funny…neither did I,” I said with a little chuckle.  “I guess you bring out the romantic in me.”

            “I guess I do,” she said, softly running her fingers over my bare shoulder.  Just that small, simple touch made me ache for her.  She was so beautiful, wrapped up in my arms with her messy hair and tear-stained cheeks.  I had never wanted anything more in my life than to ensure her happiness.  “I’m sorry I woke you.”

            “Don’t apologize, Tess.”  I kissed her lips this time – soft and sweet.  She lingered there and I watched her long lashes flutter across her freckled cheeks.  I couldn’t help myself – I went in for another kiss.  It was gentle, but there was passion behind it.  When she kissed me back, brushing her lips over mine, she pushed her body against me and I felt my arousal growing for her.  I kissed her neck and she sighed, angling her head so I could reach more of her skin.  “I love you,” I whispered in her ear.

            “I love you, too,” she replied, grabbing my shoulder.  “Tom.”

            “Yes, baby?” I asked, kissing up to her jaw.

            “What time is it?”

            “Oh,” I mumbled, pulling away from her to look at my phone.  “It’s 4 am.  We should probably get back to sleep.”

            “Probably,” she said with a shrug.  “But…I like the kissing.”  I couldn’t help the smile that came upon my lips.

            “Mmm, so do I,” I whispered, putting my hand on her neck and kissing her softly.  For what seemed like a blissful eternity, we held each other and kissed each other.  These weren’t kisses full of heat and desire like earlier that night.  These were kisses of love and adoration – simple pecks and gentle nuzzles given between sweet smiles and gazes.  Eventually, she fell asleep in my arms and I held her tight as I drifted off, hoping that my embrace would keep the nightmares at bay.

-Tess’s POV-

I woke up the next morning tangled in the sheets with Tom.  I managed to scoot my body up a little so I could look at him.  I didn’t want to wake him yet, so I didn’t touch him, although I desperately wanted to.  His body begged to be touched, it was so beautiful.  His skin was just a little darker than mine and it was soft and smelled so good.  

I looked down his body, watching his taut stomach rise and fall as he slept.  I bit my lip, staring at the trail of hair that started at his navel and disappeared under his boxers.  I knew where that trail led to, and I couldn’t wait to go there again.  I noticed he had a bulge in his boxers and I bit my lip harder, stifling a moan.  I was so close…I could touch him.  But then I remembered what Tom said about taking it slow.  He was right…we should.  He wanted to court me, and I’d let him.

As I gazed back up at his face, I thought about last night.  When I woke up from that horrid nightmare, he was so wonderful with me.  I don’t think I’d ever felt more cherished in my life.  He made me melt with his soft kisses and gentle caress.  Of course, that only made my desire for him immeasurably stronger.

I couldn’t help myself – I reached out and touched his cheek.  He leaned into it, and wrapped his arm around me, snuggling against me.  “Tess,” he cooed.

“Are you awake, Tom?” I asked, kissing his jaw.

            “Mmmm,” he hummed, squeezing my hip.

            “Is that a yes?” I asked, moving my hand to his chest.  He put his hand on top of mine, holding it there for a moment before running his fingers across the back of my hand.

            “Yes,” he said groggily, opening his eyes.  I looked up at him and he gazed down at me with sleepy eyes and messy hair.  I loved how he looked in the morning and I forgot how much I had missed it until that moment.  “You are so incredibly soft here, baby.”  He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed where his fingers had just been.  “And here,” he said, turning my arm and pulling it up so he could kiss my inner forearm.  “This is so soft.  Like silk.”  He brushed his lips over my skin and I shivered.  “Too much?” he asked, furrowing his brow.

            “I can handle it,” I said with a light laugh, scooting my body up a little and propping myself up on my elbow.  I brought my hand to his chin, caressing his stubbly cheek.  “You’re getting hairy again.”

            “I know.  I’ve been lazy.  They’ll shave it all off on Monday when I start Avengers.”

            “Mmmm, yes.  Like we’ve surmised before, Loki doesn’t really rock a beard like Tom does.”

            “He prefers to be clean shaven,” Tom said with a smirk.

            “Does he, now?” I asked.

            “Mmm,” he nodded.

            “What else does Loki prefer?” I asked, pressing my body into his a little while my fingers explored his chin and jawline.  He squeezed my hip again.

            “Well, let’s see….he prefers leather to jeans.  And he really loves being horny,” he said with a laugh. 

            “He makes me horny,” I replied.  Tom’s eyes got big.

            “Hornier than I do?” he asked in a worried tone.  I couldn’t tell if he was being serious.

            “I don’t think that’s possible,” I said with a giggle.  “You make me ridiculously horny.”

            “How horny is ridiculously horny?” he asked, moving his hand up the side of my shirt to touch my skin.  “Fuck, you’re soft.”

            “Stop,” I giggled, pulling his hand away.  “You shouldn’t be touching me like that or asking me naughty questions if you’re courting me, Tom.”

            “You started the horny talk, love.  I’m just curious.”

“I wasn’t the one who said Loki loves being horny,” I defended.

“Ah, yes, but I meant literally horny.  You know, with the helmet.”  He gave me a wink.

“Jerk,” I said, pushing at his chest.  He laughed and pulled me down. He lifted his head off the pillow so his lips touched my ear. 

“Tell me,” he whispered before giving my earlobe a kiss.

            “Tom,” I gasped, grabbing his shoulder.  “You’re doing it right now.”

            “Don’t what, love?” he asked, taking his hand off of me and putting it behind his head.  “I’m just laying here.”

            “Grrr…you know what I mean.”

            “Did you just ‘grrr’ at me?” he said with a laugh.  “C’mon, baby.  Just tell me.”  He took his hand out from behind his head and trailed his finger over my shoulder.  “Tell me what constitutes ‘ridiculously horny,’ and then I’ll tell you more of what Loki likes.”  The way he said that turned my insides to jelly.

            “Fuck, you are impossible.”  He just grinned.  “Okay, Tom. I’ll stroke your…ego.  Since we both know a big movie star like you really, really needs that.” He let out a laugh and I snuggled close to him, bringing my hand to his hair and running my fingers through it.  I kissed his neck.  “Every time I look at you, I get this tightening in my stomach and this…tingly sensation in my elbows.”

            “Elbows?” he asked, raising his eyebrow.

            “Yeah, I don’t know what it is,” I laughed.  “You drive me crazy.”  I kissed his neck again and lingered there.  “I ache for you, more than I ever thought I could for any man. When you look at me, everything inside of me turns to mushy, gooey, lovey…stuff.”

            “Mushy, gooey, lovey…stuff,” he repeated.  “Is that a scientific term?”

            “Oh, shut up,” I growled, trying to push away, but he pulled me to him.  I squirmed, but he held me tighter.  “You’re a jerk.”

            “And you, my Tess, are incredibly romantic.”

            “I am not,” I grumbled.

            “Oh, yes.  You are.  You have mushy, gooey, lovey feelings for me.  And I have the mushiest, gooeyist, most lovey feelings for you.  I can’t even describe how you make me feel.  I can only say that having you back in my arms…” he looked down at me, “and in my bed…has made me the happiest man.  I may be 33, but you make me feel like a teenager.  I mean, I seriously have to control myself when we’re together so I don’t explode five seconds in.  That’s how horny you make me.  Just a touch from you and my entire body is on fire.”

            “Tom,” I gulped, looking up at him.

            “Too much?” he asked.

            “No,” I said, shaking my head as I went down for a kiss.  I pulled away quickly, out of fear that I might rip off his boxers and do him if I held on any longer.

            “I promised myself that if I ever saw you again, I would always tell you how I feel.  Every day.  And I’m going to.”

            “So, what you’re saying is that you’re going to make speeches like that every day?”

            “Well, maybe not that elaborate.  But something to that effect, yes.”

            “I need to get more panties, then,” I said, mostly to myself.

            “What?” he asked, chuckling.

            “Nothing,” I said, pushing myself up so I was sitting.  Tom pushed himself up, too, and I couldn’t help notice that the bulge in his boxers had grown considerably since I was looking at him this morning.

            “Tell me,” he said, moving his fingers in the air, threatening to tickle me.

            “Nope,” I said, turning to try and get out of the bed.  Tom pulled me back and tackled me, pinning me down.  He had my hands above my head and his legs were on either side of me.  He was up on his knees, hovering over me – his body just shy of touching mine.  It kind of disturbed me how much that turned me on, but it really did.  I stared up at him.  “Weren’t you going to tell me what else Loki likes?”

            “Ah, yes,” he said, hovering over me still with his fingers still wrapped around my wrists.  “He likes…power.”  He smiled down at me, squeezing my wrists a little tighter for a moment.  I bit my lip, holding back a moan.  “Especially in the bedroom.”

            “Oh,” I breathed, staring up at him.  He knew exactly what he was doing.

            “And he has a thing for sexy little gingers….” He leaned down so his lips were hovering just above mine.  “Especially ones with little freckles on their cheeks.”

            “Really?  That doesn’t seem like his type.”

            “It is,” he said with a nod.  “He’s also really into biology teachers with sexy glasses.”

            “Now, that doesn’t surprise me at all,” I said with a smirk.  He leaned down closer and I felt his hard cock brush against my stomach.  I couldn’t help the moan that escaped from my lips.

            “This courting thing is incredibly difficult,” he whispered.  I stared up into his eyes and nodded, biting my lower lip.  “Stop being so sexy, Tess.”

            “You, first,” I said, moving my hips up so I rubbed against him.

            “Fucking hell,” he groaned, closing his eyes and squeezing my wrists.  When he opened them back up, I was gazing up at him. “You’re cruel.”

            “You’re worse,” I replied.

            “We’re five,” he said, his smile widening.

            “Except five year olds don’t really do…this,” I said.

            “Good point,” he remarked.

            “Tom?” I asked.

            “I’m hungry,” I whispered. 

            “Oh,” he said with a chuckle.  “Right, then.”  He let go of my wrists and got off of me.  I sighed and he reached out for my hand, helping me up.

            “That was fun, hmm?”

            “Very,” he said, giving me a kiss.  “I love to play with you, darling.”

            “I know you do,” I replied, smacking him on the ass and running down the hall.

            “You are going to get it!” he exclaimed, running after me.  Thank God Emma was gone, or she would have thought we were both insane.

-Tom’s POV-

            During our late breakfast, I tried to get my cock to behave, but every time I looked at Tess she would have something in her mouth – a strawberry or a grape or her fucking fork – and I would wish it was me that was in her mouth.  Therefore, I had a perpetual boner. 

            I finally managed to get it to go down when I brushed my teeth and got ready to go out on the beach.  However, all my efforts were thwarted when I saw Tess in her bikini.  It was a 50s style floral print with a high-waist bottom that made her figure look beyond tantalizing.  The top gave her the perfect amount of cleavage – just enough to make my jaw drop to the floor.  Her hair was done up in a messy bun and she didn’t have a stitch of make up on.  “Fuck.”

            “What?” she asked, looking down at her body for a moment.  “Do you not like it?  I know it’s a little old-fashioned, but I…” she stopped talking when I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her against me, kissing her as if she were the most delectable dessert on the planet – and she was.  Her body was so warm and soft and her lips were even softer.

            “By ‘fuck’, I mean ‘fuck, you are the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen in my life’,” I said, looking down at her.  She pulled at my neck, kissing me so deeply that everything went fuzzy.

            “Tom,” she mumbled, biting at my lower lip.

            “Yeah?” I asked, moving my hands down to the round, perfect globes of her arse.

            “You…” she whispered, moving her hands down over my chest. 


            “Pretty,” she said, poking me.

            “Pretty?” I said, stifling a laugh.

            “Mmm hmm,” she nodded, looking up at me.  “Soooo pretty.”

            “I’m pretty?” I asked.  She nodded.  “You’re pretty.”

            “I think…I think maybe we need to go out and you need to throw me in the ocean, or I fear I may combust.”

            “Well, we can’t have that.  Can we, love?” I asked.  I didn’t wait for a response, grabbing her and flinging her over my shoulder.

            “TOM!”  I just laughed and smacked her bum.  She kicked her legs up.  “TOM!”

            “You asked me to throw you in the ocean,” I said plainly, walking out onto the deck.  “So I’m doing as you requested.”

            “I was joking!”

            “Didn’t sound like a joke to me!”  Once I got to the sand, I broke out into a run, heading straight into the crashing waves.  When the water hit my thighs, I stopped and grabbed Tess and slowly brought her down into the water.

            “I thought you were going to throw me in?” she said, smirking at me.  “Holy shit, it’s cold!”  She jumped back into my arms, pulling her legs up.  I grabbed her under her knees, holding her to me.


            “Yes?” she asked, looking at me.

            “No, I’m calling you a baby,” I laughed.  “Can’t handle a little cold water?”  I walked in a little deeper and loosened my grip on her for a second, acting as if I were going to drop her before pulling her back up.  She smacked at my chest.

            “You know I love it when you do that, baby,” I teased, pretending to drop her again.

            “TOM!” she screamed.

            “You can either jump and get used to it quickly or inch your way in.  But either way, we’re swimming today.  And I’m going to go grab my board and get you on it.”

            “Throw me,” she said.

            “What?” I laughed.

            “Throw me in the water.”


            “Seriously.  Throw me in.  My body is ready.”  She let go of my neck and leaned back, stretching her arms and feet out. 

            “Alright, sweetheart.  If that’s what you want.”  I walked out a little further.  “Ready?”

            “Mmm hmm,” she nodded.  “Do your worst.” 

            “1…2…3…” I threw her up and she crashed into the water…but she didn’t come back up.  “Tess?”  Nothing.  “TESS!”  I dove down and I felt her tug on my arm. She pulled me under and tumbled with me in the water for a moment before I pushed up with my feet.  Once we hit the surface, she started giggling.  “What the fuck, Tess?” I exclaimed, pushing away from her.

            “What?” she asked, swimming over to me.  She moved her bangs out of her eyes.  “I was just playing.”

            “You scared the shit out of me!”  I swam up shore and she followed.

            “Tom, come on,” she sighed, putting her feet down in the sand and wrapping her arms around me from behind.  I groaned, very much aware of what her hugs did to me.  “I’m sorry,” she said with a pout in her voice, pressing her lips to my back.  “I was just messing around.”

            “Alright,” I sighed, hugging her hands to me.  “Just don’t mess around when it comes to your life.  Okay?”  I turned to her and she looked up at me.  “I seriously felt my heart drop to my stomach for a moment.”

            “I’m really sorry.”  She brought her hands to my neck and moved up on her tip toes, giving me a kiss.  “Forgive me?”

            “One more kiss,” I said with a small smile, “and all will be forgiven.”

            “Is that all?” she asked, pressing her lips to mine.  I wrapped my arms around her and was about to go in for another kiss when a huge wave came and knocked us both on our asses.  “Oh my God!”

            “Where did that come from?” I gasped, spitting out water.  Tess was soaking wet and her hair was falling in her face.  She looked bloody adorable.  “Baby,” I laughed, pushing her hair out of her eyes.  “You okay?”

            “Mmm hmm,” she said, licking her lips.  “Ew.  Salt.”

            “Yeah…not so tasty when it’s in water, huh?”

            “Nope,” she said, shaking her head.  “Oh, shit!  Tom…sunscreen.”

            “Sunscreen!  I forgot!”

            “And I’m ginger!  I’ll burn to dust if I don’t get some on me.  Stat.”

            “And the make-up department will kill me if I get a tan,” I said, grabbing her hand and running out of the water with her.

            It is not a good idea to apply sunscreen to your girlfriend when you’re attempting to take it slow.  Of course, looking back on it, we were kind of kidding ourselves with the whole ‘chaste’ thing.  She was the best thing I’d ever experienced, and when you’ve had something that great and it’s standing right in front of you, there’s only so much time that passes before you just have to have it again.

            It was hard, no pun intended, but we finished lathering each other up without getting naked and going at it right there on the deck.  After we were sufficiently screened from the sun, I went and got my board.  Tess lay down on the lounge chair and watched me wax it.  She said it was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen me do outside of the bedroom , so I took my time doing it because I’m a cruel bastard and because I loved when she looked at me with those hungry eyes.  I had been told I was good-looking, and Luke said that I’d hear any day now that I got People’s Sexiest Man Alive title, but it wasn’t until Tess looked at me that I truly felt that way. 

            “Alright, love.  Let’s get you on the board, hmm?”

            “Already?  I thought I was going to watch you first.”

            “I suppose that’s doable,” I said, hitching the board under my arm and extending my other hand to her.  “Come on.”


-Tess’s POV-

            Watching Tom surf was not good for my condition.  First, he spent the wee small hours of the morning kissing me to help me forget about my nightmare, then he teased me mercilessly about Loki and being horny, then he attacked me in my bikini, and then he lathered sunscreen all over my body, taking his sweet time and making sure he got every bit of exposed skin.  He said he was just protecting my delicate ginger skin, but I knew what he was doing.  And I liked it.  A lot. 

            He was quite a talented surfer.  I shouldn’t have been surprised – the perfect asshole was good at everything.  I watched him for a while, and then he pulled me out into the surf and put the board down.

            “We’ll start slow today – just paddling.  Get on your tummy.”

            “Yes, Mr. Hiddleston,” I said with a salute.  He smiled at me and I got down. 

            “Now, give me your arms.”  He grabbed my arms.  “And move them like this.”  He moved them in a doggy-paddle motion.  “Nice and slow.  Good.  Now, I’m going to take you out and I’ll stand by the board while you paddle, okay?”

            “Aye aye, captain,” I replied.  Tom helped me up and then carried the board out and helped me get on.

            “Damn, you look sexy.”  He swatted my ass.

            “Thomas!  You should not sexually harass your surfing student.”

            “It couldn’t be helped, love,” he said with a shrug.  “Now…paddle.” 

            We spent another half hour out in the water until we both decided we were starving.  I dried off and told Tom to sit on the deck and I’d bring him lunch.

            “This is the life,” he sighed, stretching his arms back.

            “It’s nothing fancy,” I said as I came back out with two trays.  “Just some sandwiches and a salad.”

            “Sounds good to me.  Plus, that way we won’t be too stuffed for dinner.”

            “Where are you taking me?”

            “Someplace nice.  You’ll want to wear a dress.”

            “Okay,” I nodded.

            “What is it?” he asked.

            “Oh, nothing,” I said, brushing him off.

            “No, it’s something,” he said, grabbing my hand.  “Tell me.”

            “It’s just…I think if I’m going to be living here with you this summer I may need to get some new clothes.  Especially if we’ll be going out.  My clothes aren’t exactly…fancy.”

            “Baby,” he sighed, squeezing my hand.  “I’m sure you will look beautiful.”

            “Thank you, but I still think I should go shopping.”

            “Maybe Emma will go with you tomorrow…if you want.”

            “Really?  You think she would?”

            “I’ve never seen my little sister take so quickly to a woman I was involved with.  So, yes, I think it’s highly probable.”


            After lunch, we went in and took showers (in separate bathrooms) and took a nap.  I needed it, after the restless night and tiring afternoon in the water.  We kept the hanky panky to a minimum, just giving each other a few small kisses before Tom pulled me into his arms and we fell asleep. 

            Tom set his alarm for 6 so I’d have time to get ready for our date.  Of course, Tom would be ready in 10 minutes, but I decided I wanted to put some effort into my appearance since this was my first real date.

            When I woke up, I was shocked to find all of my clothes neatly packed away in drawers and on my side of the closet.  “I woke up a little early, so I figured I’d unpack for you.”

            “That’s very sweet, Tom.  Thank you.”  I caressed his jaw and gave him a kiss.

            “I must say, darling, some of your knickers are quite scandalous.”

            “You think so?” I asked, glancing at him over my shoulder.

            “Very naughty.  And I know I’ve only seen a handful of them.  So…what’s the story there?”

            “I have a thing for sexy panties,” I shrugged.  “Even though I wasn’t getting any, I still wanted to be sexy underneath.  It gives me confidence, I guess.”

            “Well, you are very, very sexy underneath, darling.  And everywhere else.”  He winked at me.  “Now, go get ready.  Our reservation is at 7.”

            I decided to run a big curling iron through my hair to make the ends curly.  Tom couldn’t keep his hands out of my hair yesterday and it was curly then, so I figured he liked it.  I liked it, too.  It made me feel feminine.  I didn’t do much with my make-up, just a little bit of shimmer on my eyes, mascara, and light pink lip gloss to go with my baby pink dress.  My dress was simple, but it made my boobs look great so I figured it would do.  The hem hit just above my knees and had a crisscross ruffled neckline.  I had gotten it for a friend’s bridal shower a few years back and hadn’t used it since, but I thought it would be good for tonight.  I paired it with a silver strappy heel and I was ready to go.

            Tom was waiting for me in the great room and when I walked out, his back was to me.  He was wearing slate grey pants and a black button-up shirt.  I cleared my throat and he turned around.  “Wow.”

            “Wow, yourself,” I replied, walking to meet him in the middle of the room.  “You look very handsome.”  I couldn’t help but stare at the bit of chest hair that was poking out of his shirt.  I would run my fingers through that later, I thought to myself.

            “Sweetheart, I thought you said you didn’t have any pretty clothes.  But this….this is stunning on you.”

            “This old thing?” I asked, twirling.  Tom threw his head back and laughed before pulling me to him.  “Thank you.”

            “Thank you.”

            “For what?”

            “For going out on a date with me.”  I just smiled at him.  “Ready?”

            “Mmm hmm,” I said with a nod.

            Tom drove with the top up because he said my hair looked so pretty that he didn’t want it to get messed up.  When we got to the restaurant it was rather busy, but we got seated right away.  Tom addressed the maitre’d by his first name and I could tell the host genuinely liked Tom and wasn’t just sucking up to him because he was a celebrity.

            “This is nice,” I said when we were alone again.

            “I like it here.  It’s good during the day for business meetings.  I’ve never been her at night, though.  It’s pretty romantic, huh?’  I looked around.  The lighting was romantic and soft music was filling the room, creating a wonderful ambiance.  Couples were seated close together, canoodling and whispering over candlelight. 

            “Very,” I nodded.  I hated to admit it, but I was relieved when he said he hadn’t been there at night.  I was glad I was his first something. 

            “Tom!” A voice called from behind me.

            “Robert!  Susan!  Hey!” Tom exclaimed.  He excused himself and then got up and walked over.  I turned around and when I saw who he was hugging, I may have gasped.  It was Robert freaking Downey Jr.  My boyfriend was hugging Iron Man in the middle of a restaurant.  Of course, when you consider that my boyfriend was Loki, it made more sense.  But still….it was a little surreal.  “I want you to meet someone.”  Oh, shit.  He was coming over.  What was I supposed to do?  Stand up?  Stay seated?  Hug?  Handshake?  I couldn’t freak out.  I had to get used to this.  I decided standing up would be polite.

            “And who is this?” Robert Downey Jr. asked me, smiling widely.  On his hip was a woman I recognized as his wife, Susan Downey.  She was pretty. 

            “This,” Tom said, wrapping his hand around my waist. “Is my Tess.”

            “Your Tess? Well, it is lovely to meet you, Tom’s Tess.  That has a nice ring to it,” he said with a smirk, extending his hand out.  I took it and shook it.

            “It’s nice to meet you,” I said, praying that my voice didn’t sound as shaky as it felt.

            “Tess, this is Robert and his lovely wife Susan.”

            “Hi, Susan,” I said, shaking her hand.

            “She is very pretty, Tom.  Tell me, how did a weirdo like you nab such a prize?” Robert asked. 

            “Robert,” Susan laughed, hitting him.  “You know very well that Tom is incredibly capable of getting someone as pretty as Tess.”  I was sure by now that my cheeks were crimson.

            “I got very lucky.”  Tom kissed my cheek and squeezed my side.

            “Well, we’re just heading out.  But I saw you come in and I wanted to say hey.  Are you going to Chris’s party on Friday?”

            “We’ll be there,” Tom replied.  Shit, he was going to the party?  I would have to keep my cool that entire time – that would be a challenge. 

            “Great.  Tess,” Robert smiled, “it was lovely to meet you.”

            “You, too,” I nodded.  “And you, Susan.”

            “See you Friday,” she replied.

            After they left, Tom and I sat down and he started chuckling.  “What?”

            “You are adorable.  You know that?”


            “I saw your inner fangirl there for a second, sweetheart,” he said with a wink.

            “Oh,” I gasped, touching my cheeks.  “Are my cheeks red?”

            “Crimson,” he whispered, grabbing my hand.  “Don’t worry, he had a similar effect on me when I first met him.”

            “Liar,” I laughed. 

            “No, really.  He’s one of my favorites.  I got a little star struck.”  He rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand.  “He loved you.  And you were lovely.”

            “Thanks,” I smiled, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks again.

            “I’m glad I make you blush as much as he does.”

            “You make me blush more,” I said softly.  Tom just smiled at me.

            Dinner was lovely and quite filling.  A few fans came up to Tom wanting an autograph and he obliged each and every one of them.  I was happy to discover how amazing he is with his fans that night.  He looked each of them in the eye and talked to them like a friend.  After they left, he would apologize to me but I’d smile and tell him I didn’t mind at all.  He would respond with a smile and a caress of the hand and I’d melt.

            After we left the restaurant, we walked down to the movie theater on the corner that was showing the new Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde romantic comedy.  Tom sighed when I chose it, but he gave in and bought the tickets.  As two cinephiles, we both concentrated on watching the movie.  Every once in a while, we’d steal a quick glance at each other and once, during the kissing scene, Tom leaned over and kissed my cheek, but other than that, we just snuggled in the back row and watched.

            “That wasn’t as corny as I thought it would be,” Tom said as we left the theater.

            “No, it really wasn’t.  Thanks for taking me.”

            “No problem, sweetheart,” he smiled, leaning in for a kiss as we walked.  He opened the door and just like the night before, we were blinded by camera flashes.  “Ignore them,” he whispered, but it was almost like he was saying it to himself more than he was saying it to me.  I nodded and held tightly to his waist.  He wrapped his arm around me, shielding me from the camera flashes as we walked.

            “How was the movie?” one of them asked.

            “Good,” Tom replied with a smile.  He had no problem answering questions like that.

            “Tess, you look beautiful tonight,” another one said.  I felt Tom’s arm tighten around me, and when I looked up at him he was smiling.

            “Are your tits real?” another asked.  I felt Tom lunging for him, but I pulled him back.

            “Stop, Tom.  Think,” I whispered in his ear.  He growled and the bastard who asked the inappropriate question laughed.

            “Is that a no?”

            “They’re real,” I replied with a smirk before grabbing Tom’s hand and pulling him.  “Come on, Tom.”

            “Fucking asshole,” Tom said under his breath as we walked toward the car.

            “Don’t let it bother you.  He loved being an asshole.  He thrives on it.  Most of them do.”  I stroked his back and gave him a soft kiss before he opened my door and let me into the car.  “It didn’t bother me.”

            “How could it not?”  He sat in the car and revved up the engine, turning out into the street.  Luckily, someone else came along that the paparazzi wanted to harass so they hadn’t followed us.

            “Okay, it bothered me a little.  But it wasn’t the worst thing he could have said, right?”

            “I suppose not,” he shrugged.  “You shouldn’t have answered him, though.”

            “And have the gossip sites claim that these are fake?” I asked, jiggling my breasts.  Tom let out a laugh.  “No way.”


-Tom’s POV-

            I cooled off by the time we got back home.  Emma hadn’t returned and when I checked my phone, she texted me saying she’d be out with Helena for the rest of the night. 

            “Tonight was really wonderful, Tom,” Tess sighed, coming up behind me and hugging me.  She put her palms on my chest and I felt her cheek against my back.  “Thank you.”

            I turned to her, looking down at her in that gorgeous pink dress.  She was a vision – so naturally beautiful and sexy.  I thought back to the first time I saw her that day in her running attire.  Even though she had been sweaty, she was still the sexiest woman I’d ever seen.  And now, standing before me with her hair in soft waves and her sparkling eyes and slightly sun-kissed skin, I’d never been more attracted to her.

            “Would you like to dance?” I asked.

            “There’s no music playing,” she noted.  I smiled, walking over to the stereo and hooking up my iPod that was beside it.  I scrolled through the songs and picked a song I knew she’d like – ‘Freeze’ by Melee.  “I love this song.”

            “I figured.”  I reached out for her and she gave me her hand.  I pulled her in quickly and she gasped.  We didn’t speak – we just danced.  Tess put her head on my shoulder and I moved my hand into her curls, running my fingers through as we swayed to the music.  I’m not sure how many songs played – we were both lost in the moment.  That is, until ‘Get Down Tonight’ by KC and the Sunshine Band blared through the speakers. 

            “Oh my God,” Tess laughed, throwing her head back.

            “Dance with me, baby,” I laughed, spinning her.  She went with it, spinning into me.  “I know this song is ridiculous, but it’s a classic.”

            “I love it,” she said over the music, turning her back to me and moving against me.  I grabbed her hips and she looked back at me.  “Dance, Tom,” she laughed, putting her hands back on my hips and shaking them. 

            The next song that came on was – of course – ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye.  “I think your iPod may be trying to tell you something, Tom,” Tess teased, wrapping her arms around my neck and moving her body against mine.  I was already hard, but the way she was moving to the sexy song made me solid as a rock.  “And maybe that is trying to tell you something, too,” she said, motioning downwards.

            “Yeah….” was all I could think to say.

            “Yeah?” she asked, smiling at me as she moved in to kiss my cheek.  Her hands moved down my sides and over my arse, squeezing me.

            “God, Tess,” I groaned, biting my lip.  She looked up at me innocently.  “I want to be good, but you’re making it so….”

            “Difficult?” she asked.

            “Hard.  So hard,” I breathed, grabbing her neck and pulling her into a kiss.  I devoured her, pulling her tight against me and plunging my tongue into her mouth.  She tasted absolutely fantastic and she felt even better. 

            “Mmm, yes.  It is pretty…” she grabbed me over my trousers, “hard.”


            “Maybe we don’t have to have sex…but I can at least help you take care of this.”  She rubbed me a little and I was so close to losing it already.

            “Okay,” I squeaked.  Tess giggled.  “I mean, okay.”

            “And what’s your pleasure, Mr. Hiddleston?” she whispered in my ear, biting down on my earlobe.  Fuck, this woman was impossibly sexy.  She could do absolutely anything to me and I’d be happy, so I decided to let her choose. 

            “W-what do you want to do?” I asked, moving my hands over her arse and squeezing.

            “Mmmm…” she licked my neck.  “Let me think…”  She continued to rub me slowly, building up my desire and weakening my resolve.  It felt so fucking good.

            “Tess,” I groaned, grabbing her hand to still her.  “What do you want?”  She pulled back, looking me in the eyes.

            “I want to suck your cock.”  I grabbed her hand, turning off the music and walking briskly down the hall do our bedroom.  She giggled at my urgency.  “I take it you’re alright with that?”

            “Very alright,” I nodded.  “I need you naked.”

            “I don’t need to be naked to blow you.”

            “I want you naked, Tess,” I said, staring into her eyes.  “Please.”

            “Since you said the magic word…”  She moved her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the ground, revealing her cream colored satin bra and matching knickers.

            “Fucking hell.”  I blinked, running my hand through my hair.  How was I going to last when something that perfect was sucking me off?  I’d have to distract myself, and I thought of the perfect way.

            “Get naked, Tom,” she said, reaching down to unbuckle her shoes.  Her breasts were spilling out of her bra and I got a bit distracted.  “Tom.”

            “Right,” I nodded, kicking off my shoes and pulling off my socks before starting with my shirt.  Once Tess was done with her shoes, she helped me pull of my shirt and ran her hands all over my torso while I started on my belt.  Her touch felt so electric that it was hard to concentrate.

            “Do you need help, baby?” she teased, pulling at my belt.  I nodded helplessly.  “I’ve got you.”

            “You definitely do,” I nodded, watching her take off my belt.  She made quick work of taking the rest of my clothes off.

            “I really want you,” she said when I raised my eyebrow at her swiftness.  “I’ve been thinking of doing this all day.”

            “You have?” I asked.

            “Mmm hmm,” she nodded, pushing me on the bed.  She got on her knees.

            “Baby, why don’t you come get on the bed with me?  It’ll be more comfortable for you.”

            “Oh…okay.”  She stood up.

            “But first….” I reached for her, pulling her in between my legs and hooking my fingers inside her panties.  “I believe I told you I needed you naked.  This is not naked.”

            “You’re right,” she nodded.  “I guess you better finish me off, then?”

            “I suppose I had better,” I replied, leaning in and kissing her just above her belly button as I pulled her panties down.  As soon as I saw that little patch of ginger hair, my breath caught in my throat.  “Wow….I almost forgot how beautiful your body is.”  It was perfect – so womanly and soft and supple and I wanted to sink deep inside of her and never, ever leave.

            “Thank you,” she whispered, stepping out of her panties.

            “You’re very welcome, gorgeous.”  I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, pulling it off and revealing her round, bouncy, full breasts.  “I have to,” I said before taking one in my mouth.  It had been so long, and I missed the way her nipples felt against my tongue.

            “Tom,” Tess moaned, fisting my hair.  I flicked my tongue across her nipple and sucked a bit harder.  “Oh, wow…”

            “You taste even better than I remember.”

            “I want to taste you, Tom.  I need to.  Right now.” I nodded, scooting back on the bed.  Tess followed, crawling up the bed like a sexy cat.  I moved back until my head was on the pillow.

            “Get on your knees by my side, baby.  With your feet facing me.” 

            “Alright,” she said.  Her voice was so sultry and her gaze even more so.  That, combined with her naked body, was absolute perfection.  She got in the position I wanted.  “Like this?”

            “Mmm, perfect, sweetheart,” I replied, rubbing the back of her thigh up to her arse.  “Do you remember everything I taught you?”

            “Mmm hmm,” she nodded, licking her lips.  She took me in her hand and I shuddered.  I had to close my eyes out of fear that watching her might put me over the edge.  Going three weeks without an orgasm was doing serious things to my willpower.  I felt her tongue on me.  One, two, three licks – each longer than the last.  “You taste so good, Tom.”

            “Fuccckkk,” I groaned, grabbing the pillow behind me and twisting it as she took my head in her mouth.  She took me out a moment later, licking up and down my shaft a few more times.  She was teasing me and I was dying from pure bliss.  “Tess, baby….I…I need you…”

            “Mmm, I know what you need,” she said before taking me in her mouth.  She was absolutely magnificent – the sucking to stroking ratio was perfection.  When she took her other hand and started fondling my testicles, I knew it was time for a distraction.  I needed it now.

            I moved my hand in between Tess’s thighs, urging them to part.  Tess made a noise of pleasure when I moved my hand up.  Her arousal was dripping down her thigh and that, alone, almost made me come.  “Fuck, you’re wet, baby.”  I moved my fingers over her and she whimpered around my cock.  “God, you’re so hot and wet.”  I started to stroke her gently, teasing her with my fingers.  “I need to taste you.”  I grabbed her legs and pulled her back, moving her so she was straddling me and her pussy was right above my face.  Tess popped me out of her mouth.

            “Tom, what are you-,”

            “Don’t stop, Tess.  Just keep…” I licked her, “keep sucking my cock.”  I licked her again – longer this time.  She tasted like pure sex, and I couldn’t get enough.  I plunged my tongue deep inside of her, moving in and out, using my hands to grip her arse for support. 

            “Oh, fuccck,” she whimpered before taking me in her mouth again.  She sucked me harder now; stroked me faster.

            “Slow down, baby,” I begged, licking my lips and looking at her gorgeous body above me.  I moved my fingers into her and started licking her clit leisurely.  “I want this to last,” I said in between licks.

            “Mmmm hmmm,” she hummed against me.

            “Fucking hell, you are perfect, Tess.”  I sucked her clit into my mouth and she screamed around my cock.  I started pumping my fingers into her and she moaned loudly, stroking me and sucking me as she came undone.  I felt her clamp down around my fingers, pulsing against me as her body shuddered above me.  I kept sucking her clit, running my tongue across it and she screamed around me again. Feeling her come sent me over the edge.  “Oh, FUCK!” I groaned before licking her again.  “Oh. Fuck.  Baby.  I’m coming.  Oh, God, yesssss.  Yes, baby.” 

            I know Tess had given me a ton of amazing orgasms, but that one was one I would always remember.  It was so intense, spreading from my toes to every inch of my skin.  I even felt it in my hair, I swear to God.  “Mmmm, baby,” Tess cooed, licking my tip.  “I missed this.”

            “Mmmm,” I hummed against her.

            “Ohhhh, baby.”  She was still holding my cock; still stroking me.  I was sure I didn’t have anything left, but it still felt wonderful.  She had magic hands, I swear.  “Oh, Tom.  Tommmmmm, yes!”  She banged her fist into the mattress beside me.  I had moved my fingers back inside of her, pumping away while I sucked her clit back into my mouth.  “Oh.  Yes.  I’m coming again.  Ohhhh, fuck.” Her upper body collapsed on me and I felt her hair brush all over my body as she thrashed around, gripping my thighs.  “Tom!”

            “Mmm hmm,” I hummed, squeezing her arse with my free hand.  She moaned loader and I gave her a little spank.

            “FUCK!” she screamed, convulsing on top of me.  I watched her body come undone again, feeling her breasts and hair rub all over me as her body shook.  “Ohhhh..ohhhh…ohhh,” she sighed, coming down from her orgasm.  I took my fingers out of her and licked them. 

            “Yum.”  I patted her arse and she swung her leg over me, falling over on her back.  I moved my body so I was facing the same way and got down beside her.  She was giggling.  “Are you alright, Tess?” I asked, smiling.

            “Uh huh,” she said in between giggles.  “I’m great.  I’m so,” she dug her hands into her hair.  “So, so good.”  She looked at me.  “You are so good.”  She was delirious, and it was catching.  I started laughing with her, taking her in my arms and holding her against me.

            “I believe I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that, Tess, was the best blow job in the history of blow jobs.”

            “The whole history?” she giggled, running her fingers across my sweat-slicked skin.

            “Mmm hmm.  I will be as bold as to say that it is the best that any man has ever gotten.  Ever.” 

            “Wow, that is bold.”


            “And what evidence do you have to back up your claim?” she asked, moving one her legs in between mine and rubbing up against me.

            “Well, I was pretty much constantly on the verge of orgasm and I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard and fast in my life.  Whoever taught you how to do that is a genius.”

            “Hmmm, genius might be stretching it,” she said with a wink.

            “You saucy little minx,” I growled, tickling her. 

            “Tom, stop,” she cried.  I stopped and pulled her into my arms, gazing down at her before leaning down for a kiss.  She licked at my mouth and I could taste my arousal and hers mixed together and I couldn’t get enough.  We kissed for endless minutes, caressing and pawing and grinding against each other. 

The front door creaked.  “What was that??” Tess gasped, holding onto me.

“Emma,” I replied.

“Oh.  Oops,” she giggled.  “I guess I’m delirious now.”

“That makes two of us.  We are both sweaty and delirious.  I think that calls for a shower before bed, hmm?”

“A shower together?” she asked.  I nodded.  “Oh, yes, please.”

“One shower for two, coming right up.”

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